iPhone application development benefits and restrictions

With the launch of the latest versions of iPhones and the Apple iOS 6, more people across the world are starting to use iPhone than ever before. The iPhone offers tons of advantages over other phones, such as superior image quality, great voice quality over the phone, easy rendering of various applications, better performance of various media files and many other benefits. The latest versions of the iOS software offer more features than the previous ones. Since plenty of people are nowadays using these phones, it has become important for them to have iPhone applications that offer robust performance.


iPhone application development is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with many companies coming forward with their own apps every now and then. Business firms who are looking to be a part of the iPhone app development industry can get in touch with the iPhone App Development Company and make the best use of their services. The app development platform for iPhone is unique and different from that of the Android platform and so special tools and measures are needed to create apps that run on the iPhone devices. Since the iPhone App Development industry is worth billions of dollars annually, it is practical to invest in it since it can provide a company with substantial financial returns.


Since there is a great demand for iPhone applications, it always helps to invest in creating apps for the iPhone devices. As more apps of the same type are created for the iPhone, users can have more options to explore the features and benefits offered by these apps. There are many different types of apps that are made for the iPhone. These include image editing apps, media playing apps and social media apps. While some of these apps can be used for free, there are also others that require a certain amount of payment. Creating apps for the iPhone can also serve as an excellent way to promote a brand.


There are also certain restrictions that are applied by Apple when it comes to the iPhone applications. Here are some of them discussed below.

  • One of the most important restrictions that are applied by Apple for all iPhone users is that it is not possible to run multiple applications simultaneously. Therefore users can never use two applications at the same time, even if the applications are quite important. This means that anyone wanting to use another application while using one should first close the currently running application and then use the next one.
  • Another problem with iOS phones is that they do not allow the users to run 3rd party applications in background.
  • In some cases, users can face compatibility issues with some of the iOS apps. Anyone developing an application for the iOS 5 version will also have to make sure that it is compatible with at least some of the previous versions of the operating system. This is a major issue that all iPhone Application Developers have to face from time to time.